This is to remind eligible candidates that the 2022 Promotion Examination is still scheduled to take place on 5th November, 2022.

Candidates are hereby to note that possession of the following items in the Examination Hall is prohibited.

  • Calculator or similar electronic Devices.
  • USB, CD, Hard Disk or similar storage Devices.
  • Wrist watch and Non-Recommended Glasses.
  • Mobile Phones, Ear Pieces, Bluetooth Devices.
  • Books or any reading and writing materials.
  • Key holder and wallets.

Final list of candidates with serial numbers and examination centres have been republished on Human Resources Bulletin Board on Telegram and CAC Website for guidance.


The examination will consist of 100 (One Hundred) questions, Eighty (80) questions on general paper, Twenty (20) questions will be on Core – Competence. TIME ALLOTED WILL BE ONE HOUR THIRTY MINUTES – 1hr 30 mins.

Be properly guided please.

Please click below to download:

List of staff and test centers for the promotion examination scheduled for November 5, 2022.