The Commission by Public Notice dated April 1st, 2021 and published on its website on April 2nd, 2021 notified the General Public and its Esteemed Customers of the closure of the window on manual submission of post-incorporation applications while exempting certain post-incorporation applications pending the conclusion of the interfaces for their submission on the Company Registration Portal (CRP). The exempted post incorporation applications were –

  1. Alteration of Memorandum & Articles of Association (by courier service)

  2. Schedule 14: Form of Statement to be filed by Banks, Insurance Companies as well as Deposit and Provident Companies ([email protected])

  3. Amendment of Constitution (by courier service)

  4. Bi-annual Statement for Incorporated Trustees ([email protected])

Further to the above, the Commission wishes to inform the General Public and its Esteemed Customers that it shall, in addition, continue to accept manual submission of the following post-incorporation applications through the respective e-mail addresses pending deployment of the interfaces for their submission on the CRP:

  1. Certified True Copy (CTC) of Certificate of Incorporation/Registration for Companies, Business Names and Incorporated Trustees ([email protected])

  2. CTC of Memorandum of Association ([email protected])

  3. CTC of Constitution ([email protected])

  4. CTC of Audited Financial Statement ([email protected])

  5. Historical Search Report on Directors’/Officers’ information ([email protected])

  6. Historical Search Report on Shareholding information ([email protected])

  7. Historical Search Report on Charges, Debentures, Memorandum of Satisfaction ([email protected])

  8. Allotment of Shares for Companies with Unissued Share Capital ([email protected])

  9. Surrender of Shares to Company as gift ([email protected])

  10. Restriction of Address ([email protected])

  11. Extension of Time for holding Annual General Meeting ([email protected])

  12. Voluntary Striking-off ([email protected])

  13. Relisting of Company ([email protected])

  14. Notice of Exemption of Foreign Company ([email protected])

All applications must be submitted through the designated e-mail addresses and accompanied by evidence of payment of applicable fees (please see Schedule of Fees in the Companies Regulations 2021 for applicable fees).